About me

It’s a certain vibe, a sound, chord or melody that triggers me to express myself to music. I have been doing so as a VJ since 2013. I love all kinds of music and have spent most of my childhood watching Mtv, TMF and the Box on tv where I couldn’t get enough of Notorious BIG, Destiny’s Child, Daft Punk and The Prodigy.

When I finally was old enough to go to concerts, parties and festivals myself, I discovered something I loved even more: Coming together to enjoy music together with others!

As a VJ I make custom visuals for events, create stage concepts and do live VJ performances at dance events. I also love working together with musicians, stage designers or technical producers to create shows together. My goal is to match my visuals perfectly with the music, stage and event.

On a more technical level: I create my own visuals by filming footage, animating in After Effects, Blender and Toon Boom Harmony and I VJ with Resolume Arena. For any questions or inquiries drop a line here, or send me a text 🙂